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​At UAC, we pride ourselves
in valuing the professional development of our
skilled employees.

"As a company, we believe that human capital is our greatest asset, more than a bucket truck will ever be, and because of that we are committed to the continual growth and betterment of our employees through education and training"

- Dawn Hughes
Owner & Board Certified Master Arborist® (MI-3963B) 

Urban Arbor Care is committed to developing highly skilled and dedicated employees, producing certified and industry leading tree-healthcare specialists who are happy and knowledgeable doing the work they do.

Dawn Hughes, BCMA

Owner, ISA Board Certified Master Arborist (MI-3963B)

Jacob Harrison, CA

ISA Certified Arborist


Clarence Boyce, CA

Arborist Apprentice

Kate Tuttle, CA

ISA Certified Arborist


Dawn Hughes 

Owner, ISA Board Certified Master Arborist® (MI-3963B)

DawnClimbingProfilePic (EDIT).jpg

Dawn Hughes, Owner of Urban Arbor Care for over ten years, is an ISA Board Certified Master Arborist specializing in holistic and organic care of trees including soil to canopy; root pruning and rejuvenation of stressed trees; and fruit tree rejuvenation with pruning and care. For 20+ twenty years, Dawn has worked in many different facets of the green industry. She is a mentor and trainer of aspiring arborists and gardeners of all ages. Her professional credentials:


Dawn Hughes

Dawn’s desire to work with trees and her community started early in life with tree climbing in her yard and Girl Scouts, and it continued through her high school years. She was named Ms. Clawson in 1993 due to her excellence in athletics, academics, community service, and public speaking.

After completing her plant health care apprenticeship, and while working as a diagnostic technician at the Michigan State University plant and pest help desk, Dawn was inspired to create her own arbor care business to help tree owners with their landscapes. She felt called to bring hands-on love and science to urban trees and communities.

The purpose of Urban Arbor Care’s work is to establish and nurture healthy urban landscapes integrated with native plants and organic edible fruit. The right tree in the right place gives back, adding value from the moment it is planted.  Dawn believes that we can contribute to the greater health and vitality of our society simply by planting or caring for an urban tree in our own backyards.

Jacob Harrison

ISA Certified Arborist®


Jacob Harrison works alongside Dawn Hughes at Urban Arbor Care. He is currently pursuing his ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (TRAQ) certification as well as his MDARD Aquatics Category 5 certification. Jake's credentials include:


Jacob Harrison


As he continues his skilled time here at UAC, he will pursue his TRAQ (Tree Risk Assessment Qualification) and his BCMA (Board Certified Master Arborist) certification. In his free time, Jake enjoys the outdoors, hunting, fishing and riding his motorcycle.

Clarence Boyce

Arborist Apprentice

20201119_141513 (1).jpg

Clarence Boyce is an Arborist Apprentice with UAC and is working on the ISA Certified Arborist, climber & health care specialist career track. As an arborist apprentice, Clarence is always seeking new learning and professional development opportunities and has earned the following credentials:



Currently is he working toward his category specific pesticide credential (turf, right of way, ornamentals and fruit crop) with MDARD. He considers himself an artist and he likes to put his artistic skills to good use with his craftsmanship of tree pruning and root surgery. He has come a long way as someone who was completely green in the trade a year ago. We are very proud of Clarence's progress.

Kate Tuttle

ISA Certified Arborist®

Contact Kate

Kate Tuttle is originally from Powhatan, VA and comes from a family of arborists. Kate received her bachelor's degree in Forestry from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and her credentials include:


Kate Tuttle


  • ISA Certified Arborist®

  • MDARD Pesticide Certified Applicator #C003180023 Category 3B

  • TRAQ (Tree Risk Assessment Qualification)

As she continues her talented work here at Urban Arbor Care, Kate is working towards her membership with American Society of Consulting Arborists (ASCA). When she's not working, Kate can be found anywhere near the water where she enjoys fishing, boating, swimming and even rock hunting. ​

Kate Tuttle


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