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Fruit Tree &
Orchard Care

Fruit trees in our backyards and communities should be healthy, beautiful, productive and safe for our kids to climb. Annual maintenance of your orchard will promote healthy growing habits, increase fruit production and create a more flavorful product from your trees.  Urban Arbor Care specializes in the creation of or maintenance of existing Orchards and can make a significant difference in your Orchard.  A few of our services include:

  • Establishment of small orchards, backyard fruit trees.

  • Training of young fruit trees, maintenance, annual pruning for fruit production and disease reduction.

  • Unique pruning style that combines techniques for fruit production, while maintaining the aesthetic natural form and beauty of the tree.

  • Restoration of neglected fruit trees and orchards.

  • Installation of deer and critter protection, including cages, traps, and pheromone lures.

  • Organic fruit tree sprays and soil drenches. 

  • Training and consulting on all aspects of fruit tree care for homeowners and small orchard owners.

  • Customized organic and holistic orchard care recommendations and spray schedule reports.

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