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Pruning & Climbing

We pride ourselves in safe, low impact, and tree health focused pruning and climbing. Our arborists and plant healthcare specialists are all expertly trained in safe and thoughtful climbing and pruning practices.


Our techniques include:

  • Spikeless rope access pruning

  • Pruning for disease management

  • Structural defect mitigation

  • Installation and inspection of cables and canopy support systems

  • Vista pruning (reduction, elevation, thinning)

  • Fruit tree pruning

  • Restoration of neglected or improperly pruned trees/canopy renovation

  • Specialty ornamental and artistic tree and landscape pruning (Japanese style/cloud pruning, espalier, topiary, etc)

  • Hazard inspection

  • Canopy disease diagnosis and treatment

Removal is also an option, but prefer to only perform a removal if it is determined that no other approaches will be successful. 


UAC also offers climbing lessons for all ages and our staff regularly participate in recreational tree climbing (wrec climbing). Our arborists have been across the country and to maintain UAC's working relationships with clients in Napa, Mill Valley and Leggett where they climbed redwoods and work pruning private orchards and estates in the summer.

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