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Root Surgery &
Planting Correction

One of the biggest contributors to urban tree decline and death is improper planting.  Root or trunk flares are often buried underneath excess soil, mulch, burlap, twine, landscape fabric, stones, etc.  Girdling roots often form which circle and cross the trunk acting like a slow tourniquet, just out of sight below the soil surface at the base of the tree.  The longer this goes unchecked, the worse the tourniquet effect becomes and the affected tree will begin to decline and weaken.  This gradual and untimely loss of life can be prevented.  The earlier in a tree’s life, the better the long term prognosis generally is.  Trunk flare grade correction and girdling root removal has been our specialty for over a decade.  We fix the root of the problem. 

See this Ohio State University extension publication for a more in depth explanation of girdling roots:

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Planting Correction

  • New trees are usually planted too deep, with compacted rocky clay soil root balls, and without removing wrapping roots, twine, burlap and wires that can gradually girdle the tree below the soil. 

  • Improper planting is easily correctable for most trees. 

  • The sooner after initial planting, the better the prognosis and generally less expensive it is to correct.

  • We offer treatment of root disease using OMRI organic, professional tree care products and make recommendations based upon the latest research and success in practice with bio-fungicides, mycorrhizae, nutrient amendments, soil and tree root health care. 

  • We are experts certified in pesticides, with over a decade of professional experience in organic pesticides and health care.

  • Free detailed estimate and care plan with each paid tree and landscape health care consultation. Schedule a consultation HERE.


Planting Correction


BEFORE: Oak trees with trunk flares buried and in slow decline, showing signs of root rot disease.


AFTER: Oaks after trunk flare grade correction

Root Surgery

  • On older trees with already established root disease, root surgery procedures can extend the lives of trees or even help to reverse the progression of disease.

  • Root surgery addresses commonly missed or undiagnosed underlying issues with girdling roots and buried or impacted trunk or “root flare” of the tree. Spraying or pruning alone can never fully correct this.

  • We have over ten years of specialty experience of correcting improper planting, girding roots and mulch volcanoes, restoring trees buried by construction fill or that have root systems injured by construction or grade changes.

  • We have worked successfully on thousands of trees - from the youngest to the oldest and everything in between. If your tree can be saved by root surgery, our surgeons are the ones who can do it.

  • Air spade and air compressor free! Low noise, no heavy equipment. Battery operated, professional hand tools. Hand techniques developed after years of refined professional practice.

  • Create real healing with long term health, beauty and value.

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