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Tree & Landscape Healthcare Consulting

Think of this like an annual checkup with your family doctor, but it is for your trees and landscaping! On site consultations allow our qualified staff to meet with you for a full assessment of your trees and landscape, home orchard, or urban woodland. Areas of focus include:

  • Plant ID from weeds to flowers to trees. 

  • Assessment of tree and landscape health, safety    

  • Identification of immediate and future needs 

  • Education and training for tree and landscape health care and maintenance

  • Help in transitioning to or implementing organic and holistic methods

  • Soil test lab analysis and customized planting and care recommendations 

  • Individualized tree and landscape care plan and detailed estimate for tree care recommendations

  • IPM: Smart Pest Management.  Read this helpful article from Michigan State University Extension explaining IPM and its benefits

Following the consultation, you will be provided with a detailed estimate for recommended care or a DIY guide, depending upon your individualized professional tree care needs.

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