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Urban Arbor Care wants to
Thank You

Urban Arbor Care has been on the leading edge of the holistic and organic landscape care industry for over fifteen years. Our work has contributed to the greater health and vitality of our society simply by planting and caring for the trees and landscapes in our community.


As the owner of UAC, I am filled with gratitude for those of you who have supported our vision for healthy urban landscapes over the many years we have been in business. What a privilege it has been to serve YOU, our wonderful customers, and your trees, season after season. We owe so much of our business's success to your support over the years.

While UAC has closed its doors, I am continuing my work as a mentor and trainer of aspiring arborists and gardeners of all ages, with a specific focus on empowering and mentoring women in arboriculture.

Looking into the future, I am filled with hope and excitement for the ways in which the passion that moved me to start UAC a decade ago will continue to thrive through other avenues of education, mentorship, and stewardship in our communities and beyond.

So again, I want to thank everyone who has been a part of this adventure.

I can't wait to see where we meet next!

Dawn Hughes

Board Certified Master Arborist
& Owner of Urban Arbor Care

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Dawn Hughes  |   Dawn in the Forest

Dawn Hughes is an ISA Board Certified Master Arborist (MI-3963B) specializing in holistic and organic care of trees from soil to canopy; root pruning and rejuvenation of stressed trees; and fruit tree rejuvenation with pruning and care. For 20+ twenty years, Dawn has worked in many different facets of the green industry. She is a mentor and trainer of aspiring arborists and gardeners of all ages, with a special focus on mentoring and supporting other women in the arboriculture industry. Her professional credentials include:


Dawn’s desire to work with trees and her community started early in life with tree climbing in her yard and Girl Scouts, and it continued through her high school years. She was named Ms. Clawson in 1993 due to her excellence in athletics, academics, community service, and public speaking.

After completing her plant health care apprenticeship, and while working as a diagnostic technician at the Michigan State University plant and pest help desk, Dawn was inspired to create her own arbor care business to help tree owners with their landscapes. She felt called to bring hands-on love and science to urban trees and communities.

The purpose of Urban Arbor Care’s work is to establish and nurture healthy urban landscapes integrated with native plants and organic edible fruit. The right tree in the right place gives back, adding value from the moment it is planted.  Dawn believes that we can contribute to the greater health and vitality of our society simply by planting or caring for an urban tree in our own backyards.



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